[mythtv] Regular expressions for program matching

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Nov 3 17:36:18 EST 2003

Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> The frontend is more tricky.  It would basically require keyboard input
> (yuck), and would require a new screen where you could type the relevant
> info.  It would also solve the problem of trying to record a program
> which isn't playing imminently...say you really want to record 'Power
> Rangers: The Movie', but have no idea when some network will show it
> again.

Hey, I actually do this on another DVR system. After a movie
has been in theaters but before it comes on cable, I add an
automatic record for title keyword match and set it to low
priority. When it comes on cable and doesn't conflict it gets

> With something like this, it would probably be useful to have a way to
> veiw the record table to manage entries which have no match in the
> current program listing.

The Rankings page does this. This was a fortunate side effect
of rankings. Before rankings, you couldn't see what all was in
the record table. Now you can see all the titles and remove
things that are no longer shown, remove outdated single records
that didn't get deleted for some reason, etc.

> So if anyone has any ideas on how to make the user-interface, I'll get to
> work coding, but there is no point to doing so otherwise.

Boy, if you could just add a keyword box on the program finder
page, that would be a great start. Having wildcard record entries
would be a good thing down the road but I'd be happy for now with
the ability to search for matching titles ala mythweb.

--  bjm

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