[mythtv] Caller ID success and expansion

Joshua Bernstein bjosh at engr.arizona.edu
Mon Nov 3 14:06:17 EST 2003


I wanted to thank the person for the callerID patch. It works very well 
for me! OTOH, getting an internal modem to work in Linux was a PIA, so 
I've just been using an external one! Great work here!

Over the next few weeks I'm going to hopefully be able to disect the 
code and add support for things like popup messages about new e-mail 
from fetchmail, and information for alarms from lmsensors... Any 
suggestions on the best way are always welcome!!!

Quick suggestion: It would seem that the popup should as appear in most 
of the other windows in Myth. I mean what if I'm not watching tv? maybe 
I'm listening to music or somthing? Maybe I'm watching a recording.... 
Just a thought

Issac, you should consider applying this to the CVS.... It has great 


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