[mythtv] Enabling mythtranscoder

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Sat May 31 02:57:06 EDT 2003

Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:

>Would this be acceptable?  Seems kinda weird to have a control in 'setup'
>without being able to use it without code changes.
geoffrey, i'm working on many updates to the transcoder, it had a few 
problems with it, as well as some enhancements that were needed.  i'm 
just wrapping up the changes to support hardware encoded to 
mpeg-4/rtjpeg, and then can start working on converting from mpeg-4 and 
rtjpeg.  it shouldn't be too much more difficult, now that i have the 
structure i need, although the handling of 'raw' stuff is handled quite 
differently for some reason, so it may give me trouble.

anyway, its being worked on.



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