[mythtv] Re: jerky live tv with latest cvs(5/28)

Mark Chou mcpcs at ivwnet.com
Fri May 30 16:46:54 EDT 2003

Well, you could be right about the other 5%.  Since my initial post 
regarding this issue I've reverted to cvs "05/27/03 19:00:00."  So the 
particulars are from memory.

Initially after I updated CVS to 5/28(19:00), I had "jitter reduction" 
on.  Live TV was jerky on TV and on comp. monitor.  I then changed 
"jitter reduction" to off (i.e. Video timing method: next trigger) with 
similar results.  Didn't get to try to lower record resolution or get 
CPU usage since prior cvs live tv playback was fine.

With cvs from 5/27, I generally only get only one "rebuffer" message, 
right after changing from "none to live tv" or "none to watching 
prerecorded," where as cvs 5/28 I got the "rebuffer" message once every 
minute or so...

2 networked mythtv boxes (AMD XP 2000+)
both boxes have Hauppauge 401 dbx
1 box attached to TV
1 box attached to comp. monitor
Mostly watch on TV, but occassionally watch on comp. monitor

Bruce Markey wrote:

 >Mark Chou wrote:
 >> I mispoke earlier on this.  "Rebuffering" messages occur roughly every
 >> minute or so.  Also I'm 95% certain that if this jerky live tv issue
 >> shows up between:
 >> cvs checkout -D "05/27/03 19:00:00 EST" mythtv
 >> cvs checkout -D "05/28/03 19:00:00 EST" mythtv

The other 5% may well be changes to the video timing checked
in on the 26th. What does the frontend console message say
for "Video timing method" when you start live TV? Do you
see this with "Jitter reduction" checked or unchecked? is
is worse one way or the other? Are you displaying on a TV
or computer monitor? How much idle CPU do you see in "top"
while playing live TV? For testing sake, is it smoother if
you lower your recording resolution for LiveTV?

--  bjm

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