[mythtv] jerky live tv with latest cvs(5/28)

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri May 30 04:51:43 EDT 2003

Is this every second or so or every 15 seconds?  There was a change
that went in that would cause a write to the database every 15 seconds,
but I haven't seen that cause jerkyness on my machine and I'm running
an Athlon 700 for my main frontend/backend.

When was the last time you updated CVS or can you give a better
indication of the last CVS version you didn't see this in and then
the date you updated CVS and started noticing the problem.

> On Friday 30 May 2003 02.41, Mark Chou wrote:
> > I tried the latest cvs and I got jerky playback of live tv.  Didn't
> > happen with earlier cvs.  Kept getting numerous "rebuffering" messages
> > on mythfrontend (maybe once every second or so).
> >
> > Anyone else seen this?
> Yeah, I noticed this as well, but I didn't dig too deeply into it.  I, rightly 
> or wrongly just assumed that it must have happened during the recording.  


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