[mythtv] conflict resolution vs priorities

Mike Benoit ipso at snappymail.ca
Thu May 29 20:22:24 EDT 2003

This is an excellent idea in my opinion. Resolving conflicts has been a
pain for me in the past, I've even missed several shows because I
neglected to check for conflicts before they started.

As some of the other posts mention, combining a priority system with the
current system would probably please most people. By default all
recordings could be priority 5 (out of 10), if theres a conflict between
priorities, could we not let the current system work its magic and
"guess" which to record? 

However, I can see taking priorities one step further. For instance, I
want to record every episode of The Simpsons, no matter when or where
its on at a very low priority (say 10). However, each week on Sunday
nights when the new episode is on, I want to record that episode with
the highest priority (say 1). 

Another "nice to have" feature might be taking disk space in to account.
If Myth knows it will be recording 10 hours of TV over the next week, 1
hour of highest priority (1) shows, and 9 hours of lowest priority (10)
shows, and the box only has 1gb or approx 1hour of recording time
available, Myth will only record the highest priority show until more
disk space is freed up, even if that means waiting 5 days until its on. 

Add one to the priority vote. 

On Thu, 2003-05-29 at 09:18, Jeff Nuckles wrote:
> Ok, I'm assuming one of the goals of mythtv is to
> produce something that requires as little user
> intervention as possible, right?
> If this is the case why is the concept used for
> deciding what to record and how to record it set up
> with the premise that I need to go in and frequently
> check to make sure that its doing what I want and
> "Override" the system? Does this not seem
> counterproductive? All of this programming to resolve
> conflicts, and I still have to manually check up on
> it. It also currently uses the tuner available on the
> master before any other...seems kind of an arbitrary
> decision.
> The code in scheduler.cpp is 90% for resolving
> conflicts automatically, yet im still expected to
> 'keep an eye on' the conflict list?
> There should not be a need for this, the most
> important (highest priority) recording should be
> recorded on the highest priorty card that has that
> channel. period. If there are no more tuners then the
> low priorty programs do not get recorded. Yes it would
> be nice to still see a list of what will be recorded
> and when.  
> Am I the only one who thinks this? Everyone just seems
> to keep coming up with ways of making the conflict
> resolution system more complex when changing the
> system would seem to be a better alternative.
> And before anyone replies with "do it yourself". I
> started to look into it but I can't make sense of the
> whole confict setup that exists now and my c++ is a
> little rusty.
> Jeff
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