[mythtv] conflict resolution vs priorities

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu May 29 15:37:54 EDT 2003

bishop wrote:
> While I agree that a simple conflict resolution scheme is good,

I'm in the same camp =) but I want to clarify that, as the
OP mentioned, 90% (exaggeration ;-) of the scheduler code
is trying to guess for you. 4 wins over 7 would be much
simpler code. It would also be simpler for the user to
order their list once rather than constantly examining the
conflict list to fix the preferences. You would still want
to look but the default choices would reflect your declared

> Hmm.  What if one likes Seinfeld over MASH, MASH over Rawhide, and 
> Rawhide over Seinfeld?  Will the currnet priorities setup understand 
> that?  Will it totally fry up if ALL THREE ever are on at once?

And you had marked them each to 'remember' this choice? Good
question. I would assume that it would check in the order
returned from the query of the conflictresolution* tables.
If in the order of your example, Seinfeld over MASH, MASH
already lost then Rawhide over Seinfeld.

--  bjm

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