[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

Mike Wohlgemuth mjw at woogie.net
Tue May 27 20:42:16 EDT 2003

John Danner wrote:

>One question though, is it that you don't have any movies that are contained 
>in IMDB? Are they in IMDB, just in a different language? Is there another 
>reliable source for your movie information?
I really like the new stuff, but I see 2 potential issues:

1.  Almost all the video files I have are not movies, but public domain 
footage or videos shot by me or my friends.

2.  Several things I access via mythvideo aren't videos at all.  DVDs 
and Mozilla are 2 things I've seen discussed on the list, but it's a 
really handy way of getting a menu of any number applications outside 
the scope of MythTV.  It's not the ideal method for doing this sort of 
thing, but it works and is pretty easy.

With either of these, there won't be a source for any sort of meta data 
other than manual entry, which seems sort of tedious, and potentially 
won't fit a model that assumes that all videos are made by a production 


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