[mythtv] Removing scheduled recordings

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue May 27 14:44:31 EDT 2003

(moved this from the users list...)

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> I just committed a way to do this into CVS, so if you're running CVS you
> can re-update and give it a shot.
> The feature you're asking for has also been added.  If you hit Enter
> or Space on a suppressed recording, on the popup dialog there is now
> a new button in addition to the 'OK' button that was originally there.
> The new button says "Unsuppress recording".  Selecting the
> "Unsuppress recording" button will remove the row from the oldrecorded
> table that is causing this program to be suppressed.  The screen
> should update and show you the new status of the program that you
> just changed.
> Chris

There was quite a bit of talk about this a week or two ago... I raised the
issue that deleting entries from the oldrecorded table was probably not the
best way to go about it, as the information about what's been recorded in
the past is then unrecoverable.  I have a patch that will achieve the same
effect (unsuppressing a single program instance) without deleting anything
from the database.  Instead, it adds a column to the 'program' table
indicating that a particular showing is to be recorded regardless of its
'duplicate' status.  I could easily hook this mechanism to your new
"Unsuppress recording" button; I just need to sync up with current CVS.
I'll post a patch when I have things synced up; let me know what you think.


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