[mythtv] NuppelVideoPlayer::ReencodeFile

Michael J. Pedersen michael.j.pedersen at verizon.net
Tue May 27 00:13:33 EDT 2003

Well, I've been trying to muddle through the code, and ReencodeFile
looks like a really good place for me to be working from, so that's what
I've been doing.

However, I'm just confused as I'm going through this routine. If I'm
write, ReencodeFile does the following (high level) steps:

1) Opens up the input file for reading
2) Opens up the output file for writing
3) For each frame
	Call the decoder, to get uncompressed data for this frame
	Call the encoder, to compress the data for this frame
	write the frame to disk
4) close the output file
5) close the input file

Is the above correct? And, if so, would somebody mind helping me
(off-list even) to show me how to read the code, since I'm missing
something, and am NOT seeing how the decode step happens.

I'd appreciate it!
Michael J. Pedersen
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