[mythtv] Multiple Tuner Problem in CVS

Jon Nierenburg jon at tangentrix.com
Mon May 26 23:36:25 EDT 2003

> > As I understood him, Isaac said this is impossible at the moment. You
> > cannot have 2 cards with different channels.
Can someone give me a pointer to the thread where this was discussed.  

> Just to clarify, you can have two different cards with
> different video  sources. 

Well that is what I was trying to do - thanks for the heads up.  Can you clue 
me in to what kind of hack would be needed make this work.  

>You can schedule shows to record
> from any channel on either card. What you can't do is watch
> live TV then change to a channel that is on a different card.

Hmmm.... It seems like both my cards are stuck on one channel (the last 
channel they were set to before I enabled both video sources).  If I try to 
record a program MythTV will record from the proper card, but the wrong 

Thanks Again,

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