[mythtv] PIP with networked mythtv boxes

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon May 26 19:29:54 EDT 2003

Mark Chou wrote:
> I was pleasantly surprised to find that PIP seems to work with two 
> networked mythtv boxes, each having only one tuner card.  The PIP comes 
> from the second networked mythtv box, if the tuner on that box is 
> available.

That's an understandable way to think of it. Actually, there
is a list of cards (more specifically, cardinputs for the
"video source"). For LiveTV, it first checks for an available
card on the same host as the frontend. If not, it uses the
first available card in the list. For PIP, it should repeat
the process. If you you were to run a frontend on a dual tuner
slave, it should use both tuners on that host but I haven't
verified this ;-)

> However, this PIP feature only seems to work on only the Master backend. 
>  Apparently it doesn't work if you try this on a "slave-only" backend?
> Is anyone else seeing this?

Nope. I just ran a frontend on a slave and LiveTV came from
the local card. I started PIP and that used the first card
on the master.

--  bjm

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