[mythtv] [rkulagowski@thrupoint.net: RE: [mythtv-users] Mythfrontend hanging - todays CVS]

rwk at americom.com rwk at americom.com
Tue May 27 02:07:28 EDT 2003

> On Monday 26 May 2003 07:19 am, rwk at americom.com wrote:
> > . I have mythbackend running in another room on a RH9 Athlon box.
> > . I have mythfrontend running in the TV room on a separate RH9 Athlon box.
> > . I go to a virtual terminal and run: gdb ./mythfrontend
> > . I go back to X (where mythfrontend is now running) and select
> >   "Playback a Recording".  (Note, I do not seem to have this problem
> >   when mythfrontend is run on the backend machine.)
> > . It lists the recorded programs and starts to play the first selection
> >   in the lower right PIP window.
> > . The second I hit a key (in this case the down arrow key) mythfrontend
> >   hangs.  The PIP window freezes and the frontend is unresponsive.
> > . I go back to gdb in the virtual terminal and hit ^C.  It gives me a gdb
> >   prompt and I enter: thread apply all bt full
> > . The backtrace is listed below.
> This backtrace is missing too much information to make it useful.  However, 
> you can easily get around this problem by simply turning off the playback 
> previews.

What can I do to make it useful?  I recompiled from distclean with CONFIG += debug
as suggested in the how-to.  I would like to get it working...

Do you know if others have it working with a remote backend?


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