[mythtv] Re: cvs and commercial flagging/skipping?

Mark Chou mcpcs at ivwnet.com
Mon May 26 13:49:20 EDT 2003

Chris (Pinkham),

OK, I think we're now getting somewhere.  I don't know exactly how it 
matters for this issue, but I think we're talking slightly different 
network scenarios.  And FWIW I'm able to reproduce the behavior I'm 
talking about.

 > > The issue is that the "copy commercial break list into commercial 
 > > list" in current cvs doesn't seem to work reliably in a networked 

 > I do 99% of my testing the commercial stuff with a remote frontend so
 > I do a pretty good job of testing it in a networked mythtv environment.
 > I just re-tested it and it worked.

I have two (almost) identitical mythtv boxes, alice and betty, each with 
one single tuner.  Alice is the master BE, betty is slave BE.  A few 
nights ago I recorded "Deer Hunter" (a 3 hr. recording) on AMC (on 
betty, since alice was recording another program at the time), and 
recordedmarkup shows 48 entries with type 4 or 5.  I'm trying to edit on 
alice.  In edit mode, if I press 'z', no red segments show up (despite 
the fact that there are 48 entries in recorded markup.)  And 
recorded.cutlist still remains null.  The funny thing is that this 
process (commercial list gets pasted into cutlist) does sometimes work 
for other shorter recordings.

A little ascii art (each column represents a machine and its process space):

Alice			->	Betty
Master Backend		<-	Slave Backend
^				^
|				|	
mythfrontend			mythfrontend

And betty can "talk" to alice's db (i.e. mythtv and mysql are correctly 


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