[mythtv] Re: cvs and commercial flagging/skipping?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon May 26 15:27:05 EDT 2003

> First, I just want to make sure that our terminology is consistent:

Terminology is correct.

> show, I "fine-tune" the cutlist.  In myth 0.8 the cutlist (red segments) 
> would automatically show up in edit mode if "Z" was pressed in watch 

I never used 0.8 actually since I keep current with CVS, but I don't
remember this being the case.  If so it wasn't meant to be.

> The issue is that the "copy commercial break list into commercial break 
> list" in current cvs doesn't seem to work reliably in a networked mythtv 

I do 99% of my testing the commercial stuff with a remote frontend so
I do a pretty good job of testing it in a networked mythtv environment.
I just re-tested it and it worked.

> situation. In my mythconverge db I do have the values that you spoke of 
> (3,4,5) in mythconverg.recordedmarkup, but pressing "z" doesn't 
> translate this set into mythconverg.recorded.cutlist (which is 
> previously NULL).

It only does this when you are in edit mode.  I'm not sure if you're saying
that or not.  So, 'Z' in playback mode will skip commercials.  'Z' in
edit mode copies the commercial break list into the cutlist.  They are
separate lists and the only time one gets copied to the other is by
hitting 'Z' while in edit mode.

> Now, what should the "correct" values in mythconverg.settings be for 
> "AutoCommercialFlag" and "CommercialSkipMethod"?  I'm assuming it should 
> be (and no other entries for the same values):
> value			data		hostname
> AutoCommercialFlag	1		NULL
> CommercialSkipMethod	?(0,1)		NULL

AutoCommercialFlag can be 0 or 1 (ie, OFF or ON)
CommercialSkipMethod can be one of the following values currently:

	1 - Blank Frame Detection
	2 - Scene Change Detection (still in its infancy)
	3 - Blank Frame + Scene Change Detection (better than blank frame in some cases)

The 3 skip methods can be set in the mythfrontend setup gui.


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