[mythtv] Re: cvs and commercial flagging/skipping?

Mark Chou mcpcs at ivwnet.com
Mon May 26 09:12:52 EDT 2003

OK, I now have a better description of this "feature" after I figured 
this out:

I have two networked mythtv boxes.  If the pre-recorded file resides on 
the *remote* machine from the watch/edit console, pressing "Z" on the 
(watch/edit) box has no effect.

And if I recall correctly in mythtv 0.8 the commercials became marked 
("red") if "Z" was pressed in watch or edit mode.  In the current cvs 
commercials would only be marked if you're in edit mode.  Personally I 
don't really see why commercials shouldn't become *automatically* marked 
(in edit mode) if "automatically flag" is checked.

Mark Chou wrote:
> I downloaded and ran cvs code from 5/22.  Now whenever I play a 
> pre-recorded file, the commercials are not marked out in edit mode 
> (there are no red segments), despite having "Automatically Flag 
> Commercials" checked and pressing "Z" (in play mode.)
> Am I doing something wrong??  I've also run mythcommflag, and that 
> doesn't seem to update the db with the cutlist...
> It's a drag not having commercial automatically flagged.  How do I go 
> about making sure I've at least configured all this correctly?

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