[mythtv] Multiple Tuner Problem in CVS

Jon Nierenburg jon at tangentrix.com
Mon May 26 04:39:39 EDT 2003

Hi Everyone,

I have two tuners: a generic BT card  and a PVR-250.  Both cards receive 
different cable video sources. With the cvs pull from about a week ago, I was 
able to get both card running but only one at a time (one card in the 
database).  With both cards set-up in the database, MythTV would never switch 
cards when I changed channels from one card to the other (IE. from channel 
A80 to B2).  The first card select would stay selected and I could never get 
to the channels on the other card.  

I tried  Ben Bucksch's preset patch and an updated CVS pull, but now I can't 
view the PVR card at all :( I get the following errors on the myth backend:
Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
Backend stuffed up in RequestRingBufferBlock
error reading from: /dev/video0
read: Input/output error

If I delete the PVR card from the database and just use the generic BT card 
everything works fine, except I get an error on the backend telling me that I 
should switch my channel order settings to "database order" or "channel 
number (alpha)", even though my channel order setting is already set to 
"channel number (alpha)".

<Banging head against wall>

Thanks for the help,

P.S. Ben: Thanks for the previous advice and the patch....

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