[mythtv] Unsuppressing previously recorded shows

Brett Profitt brettmyth at narnarnar.com
Mon May 26 02:40:01 EDT 2003


I have a program that started to be recorded, but crashed the backend,
and I was wanting to catch the next showing of it, but ran into problems
with the previously recorded suppressing feature of mythtv.  Even though
the recording was never completed, and the partial file was deleted, it
wouldn't let me re-record it.

I was reading through the archives and noticed this was a topic of
moderately hot debate about a month ago, so I am posting to the dev
mailing list instead of the users.  I'm wondering what came of this? 
Obviously there hasn't been a resolution because I was still required to
manually edit the mysql table to enable re-recording using the current
cvs version of mythtv.

If nothing has been decided, might I suggest two things:

First, checking to make sure the program was actually completely
recorded.  I'm not quite sure how easy this would be, since I haven't
looked at the source at all, but it would be something to consider if
easy to do...

Secondly, at least as a way to deal with deleted shows, adding an option
(a simple checkbox, disabled on default would suffice) to remove the
record of having recorded this viewing of the show to the delete
recording menu would do wonders.  While I agree that having multiple
copies of shows pile up is a Bad Thing, it also sucks that I can't
record a show again once I've deleted it...especially when it wasn't
even properly recorded.

Slightly off topic, but still relative is the diction chosen to convey
the meaning of "previously recorded shows".

In mythfrontend's conflict viewer, the text is fine...it clearly states
that the program will NOT be recorded.  Mythweb, though, is another
story.  I use mythweb to schedule much more than I use the frontend, and
in its conflict viewer, it's says nothing about not recording the
previously recorded shows.  It took a couple days for me to figure this
one out, as I thought mythbackend was dying on me for no reason, or just
being picky.

Well, there is my 2 cents worth.  If I've stupidly looked over an option
in the frontend to change previously recorded show settings, forgive


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