[mythtv] Re: [App] Desktop EPG

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Sun May 25 12:56:49 EDT 2003

Tarek Lubani wrote:

>I just tried and was
>successfully able to execute the command "mythepg" from commandline.
I think you executed MythTV's built-in EPG. Mine is called EPGKylix, and 
started via start.sh (because of the needed libs / LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

>I am unsure at the moment what this particular program does differently,
>short of the slightly more extensive display
The more extensive display was important to me, yes.

MythTV's built-in EPG

    * only shows a few lines of the description (actually, it currently
      breaks, if you have more than that)
    * I can't use the mouse with it
    * has big fonts (too big for the monitor)
    * all dialogs (rightly) appear on the TV, so I have to manually move
      each of them (incl. each detail window) to my monitor using a
      keyboard shortcut.

Very clumsy. It's suitable for a TV-display, but that is a lot slower 
than a GUI with mouse and a 1600x1200 screen.

MythWeb is a quite good alternative, but

    * Web apps are slower, even on the local net (page loads) - my apps
      reacts almost instantly
    * The time-line grid there only allows me to see a few hours at
      once, while I usually want to see a whole evening (20:15 - 4:00)
      at once or at least navigate between it quickly (no pageloads with
      2-3 seconds each for the listing).
    * My default browser window size is too small for the listing and
      detail pages, and changing it's size would change the default size
      for all following browser windows (don't want to change that), so
      I end up haivng to maximise the browser window to 1600x1200, which
      then doesn't allow me to multitask.
    * It didn't show credits and alternate airings, and the recording
      button doesn't work most of the time for some unknown reason. I
      could have fixed/implemented that, but that would have taken me
      time I now could use to write an apps that suits me better.

So, in short, while both MythTV's built-in EPG and MythWeb are very nice 
and well-suited for their own domain, they have *inherent* weeknesses 
which make them slow to use for me in the normal case when I schedule 
e.g. the movies to record next week(end).

>I don't think mythepg's weaknesses warranted such an expenditure of effort on a *new* tool
It were only 12 hours ;).

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