[mythtv] cvs and commercial flagging/skipping?

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Sun May 25 00:28:03 EDT 2003

Mark Chou wrote:

> I downloaded and ran cvs code from 5/22.  Now whenever I play a 
> pre-recorded file, the commercials are not marked out in edit mode 
> (there are no red segments), despite having "Automatically Flag 
> Commercials" checked and pressing "Z" (in play mode.) 

pressing 'z' in play mode just skips commercials.  does that work or 
not?  once you're IN edit mode, you hit 'z' to load the commercial list 
into the cutlist (or deletemap) and then you'll see them as read marks.

> Am I doing something wrong??  I've also run mythcommflag, and that 
> doesn't seem to update the db with the cutlist...
> It's a drag not having commercial automatically flagged.  How do I go 
> about making sure I've at least configured all this correctly? 

i'm still not sure if you're not seeing commercial flagging working (ie. 
'z' during playback doesn't skip) or if you're just not pressing 'z' in 
edit mode to load the comm-breaks in.



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