[mythtv] Mythweather not download weather radar map.

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat May 24 13:26:17 EDT 2003

Christian Hack wrote:
> Thanks for the quick fix.
> While you're there John, I have another question I was going to ask but
> forgot - although it maybe more due to the fact I don't completely
> understand how all the comms works.
> In mythweathercomms.cpp you have the code chunk below. The way I read it you
> do your timeouts by going to sleep for 50 _micro_ seconds at time. Thus if
> your aggressiveness setting is even 15, the most it will wait is 15x50x5 us
> = 3.75ms. i.e. not much of a timeout. I haven't bothered with the x10 and
> x15 since I haven't looked at what getIntStatus is doing, but they won't
> increase the timeout to very much.

When a process sleeps, it relinquishes the CPU. After the
timeout, the process becomes runable in the run queue and
the process scheduler can run it in a future time slice. This
is usually 10000-20000usec later. A small usleep says let
something else run but check back with me as soon as possible.
So even though it says 50 the average delay should be more
like 15000usec.

--  bjm

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