[mythtv] Multiple Video Sources in the Program Guide

Jon Nierenburg jon at tangentrix.com
Thu May 22 15:12:42 EDT 2003

Hi Everyone,

I just upgrade my PVR hardware, and I upgraded Myth to the newest CVS version 
(from .7).  

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to prepend the video source 
name to the channel number in the preview guide?

I live in Boston where every one has two coax cables.  This allows for 
channels A2-A80 and B2-B55.  Currently Myth displays sorts the channels my 
channel number so my preview guide displays 2,2,3,3,4,4...N.  I tried 
changing the names of all the channels in the database by prepending the 
appropriate letter.  That worked for the preview guide, but I couldn't 
actually watch anything, becuase myth obviously couldn't tune to channel A5.


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