[mythtv] resampling & mythtranscode

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Wed May 21 12:05:21 EDT 2003

issac, now that i've fixed the bug causing the audio blips (hav not 
submitted it yet), i want to move on with my original intention here. 
 before i waste any more time with resampling though, i need you to 
clarify this for me:

>You do realize that the vast majority of people use the NuppelVideoRecorder 
>class to actually record with, not for the transcoding stuff, right?  The way 
>you have it, it's always telling the lame lib that the audio it's getting is 
>32kHz, regardless of what it actually is.  Why can't you do this properly and 
>make the transcoding thread do the resampling like I've said, what, twice 
when you say 'make the transcoding thread do the resampling', i'm not 
sure what you mean.  the _thread_ that was doing it was the resampling 
thread.  so, do you mean the transcoding program (ie, not libmythtv)? 
 if so, then i'm not going to bother even trying.  the whole point of 
using the mythtranscode was that it used ReencodeFile() to do the real 
work.  or do you mean you only want resampling done in 



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