[mythtv] cannot change channels

Philippe C. Cattin cattin at vision.ee.ethz.ch
Tue May 20 12:52:51 EDT 2003

Problem: I've setup MythTV but unfortunately there is no EPG grabber for 
my country (switzerland). I then populated the channel-table by hand. 
however, MythTV doesn't seem to tune into the channels i've defined.

I have a Shuttle XPC SN41G2, SuSE8.2, Hauppage PVR-350 (with ivtv 
installed). the TV card seems to work (however not with xawtv) but I can 
view the TV signal with 'mplayer /dev/video0' and tune into the various 
channels with the 'test_ioctl -r tuner=0,freq=...' command provided by 
the ivtv driver. but when I start mythtv and switch to livetv it only 
shows the channel last set by 'test_ioctl'.

I setup the channel database according to the following rules:

- chanid: just numbered them, e.g. 1000,...
- channum: not sure here. tried freq in MHz, channel e.g. S12,E5,...
- sourceid: always set to 1
- name and callsign: e.g. 'CNN','ARD','SF1'
- finetune: 0
- icon: empty

I don't have any EPG information in the database so far. Although I 
defined four channels this way I could not switch between them. It seems 
as if mythtv can't or doesn't try to switch the channel/frequency.

is there anything wrong with the channel database? can anyone preferably 
from switzerland/germany/austria send me a dump of the channel and 
settings table.

any debugging advice?

regards, Philippe

PS: I'm very impressed with what I've seen of mythtv so far. great job!

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