[mythtv] transcoding enhancements

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Tue May 20 04:03:58 EDT 2003

well, this morning i had the new resampling code in place, and it was in 
sync with the video fine.  i thought i was free and clear, but then 
started testing a few other things, and noticed little dead spots in the 
audio.  it appears to happen every 2-3 seconds.  after spending much 
time and getting pissed off, i rolled everything back to cvs, and found 
that i still seem to have to blank spots in the audio when i reencode 
(but not resample).  i had hoped to simply forget about resampling, but 
apparently even that won't work.  its almost like my machine can't keep 
up with the video (its a 1GHz athlon) but the utilization is less than 
10%, so i think thats unlikely.

i'm really not sure what is going on.  i don't understand these 
timecodes and how the audio and video stay in sync at all, and despite 
my best efforts, haven't been able to improve this problem at all.  all 
the testing i've been able to do, short of dump the bytes out as the get 
decoded but before WriteAudio(), which is the next step i think.

of course, i should point out that these audio defects do not appear to 
be apparent (and i've tried real hard) in the original source.

we'll see, i might go on and get the cut-mark honouring in the for now 
and come back to this audio problem, but it seems kinda pointless if i 
can't get the audio working, its not much fun listening to it the way it is.

anyway, just thought i'd pass this along in case anyone could offer any 



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