[mythtv] NuppelVideoPlayer::DecodeFrame (and friends)

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon May 19 20:23:35 EDT 2003

On Monday 19 May 2003 07:17 pm, Michael J. Pedersen wrote:
> Well, time for the annoying question of the hour: Isaac, if I were to
> write up a patch which would move DecodeFrame, OpenFile, and possibly a
> few others, from private to protected, would such a patch be accepted?
> I'm wanting to use the built in frame decoding made available in
> libmyth, but that functionality is actually marked as private (thereby
> making it useless for me).

Sure, that's fine.  Just a note, though, that this isn't libmyth, that's 
libmythtv, and not really meant as a shared lib.


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