[mythtv] Still problem using dvb

Leandro Dardini ldardini at tiscali.it
Mon May 19 20:44:50 EDT 2003

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> Leandro Dardini wrote:
> >mysql> select * from cardinput;
> >[snip]
> >
> tunechan and startchan must not be null. Set them to valid channels, for
> now, just set them both to 1

OK, fixed

> (What is the difference between startchan and tunechan anyways, and
> which channel field do each of them reference: chanid or channum?)
> >mysql> select * from channel_dvb;
> >[...]
> >|      1 | RAI       | 160,80 | 11766
> >
> I don't think this is a valid frequency. I think it's the raw Hz or
> whatever, not a KHz or MHz.

Using it as a Hz value is impossible due to 2^32 limit in the field. I look
a bit in the code and there is an IF LESS THAN ... multiplying it for 1000,
so I think it is ok to use Khz or Mhz.

Unfortunately, nothing happens. Now it is dinner time, but I see in the dvb
code a lots of cout that are not executed, maybe my app is stucked somewhere
else. If my wife don't bother me, I'll try to do a step by step debug it.


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