[mythtv] [patch] for reencoding with resampling

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Mon May 19 13:11:02 EDT 2003

Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Monday 19 May 2003 11:41 am, Craig Longman wrote:
>>why is that?  it defaults to 32KHz, but i also added a call to be able
>>to set it.  perhaps i missed setting it in some places, but if you call
>>NuppelVideoRecorder::SetOption() with "insamplerate", it gets changed.
>> perhaps using 32000 as the default audio_in_samplerate was a bad idea,
>>if we changed that to 44100, then there would be no change at all from
>>how it used to work, the code had simply used the audio_samplerate to
>>set both the in and the out sample rate in the lame library.  the only
>>time anything would be different is if someone called the SetOption()
>>method.  right?
>You do realize that the vast majority of people use the NuppelVideoRecorder 
>class to actually record with, not for the transcoding stuff, right?  The way 
>you have it, it's always telling the lame lib that the audio it's getting is 
>32kHz, regardless of what it actually is.
not using 44100 as the init value was my mistake.

>Why can't you do this properly and 
>make the transcoding thread do the resampling like I've said, what, twice 
i am going to the trouble of manually converting it now to see if that 
fixes the problem.  i normally assume using a library to do what it 
does, the proper way.  hopefully, manually resampling will fix the 
problem.  i'll see and let everyone know.



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