[mythtv] Still problem using dvb

Leandro Dardini ldardini at tiscali.it
Mon May 19 17:55:42 EDT 2003

I read the reply to Ramon Roca and I understand, but as stated, I try
removing all the non-dvb configuration, so only the dvb card is present, but
the result is that mythfrontend locks on selecting Live TV.


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> On Monday 19 May 2003 10:25 am, Leandro Dardini wrote:
> > Compilation is flawless, but I have still problem getting something out
> > Satellite dish.
> >
> > If I add the dvb configuration to my existing configuration, pressig C
> > suppose this is the key), I cannot change to dvb channels, but only
> > throug the main cardinput choose: Antenna, Composite and SVideo.
> This is how it always works.  You can't change cards in live tv.
> Isaac
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