[mythtv] NuppelVideo(Recorder/Player)

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Sun May 18 18:11:28 EDT 2003

Matthew S. Hallacy wrote:

>On Sun, May 18, 2003 at 03:54:29PM -0400, Craig Longman wrote:
>>Isaac Richards wrote:
>>problem is in the mp3 libs, not ivtv at all?  if a particular version of 
>No, http://www.poptix.net/ivtv/whine.jpg
>This is the decoded mpeg2 stream coming out of the card, not transcoded
>to mp3, divx, or otherwise.
i understand that it wasn't transcoded, i'm just suspicious that i get 
the same sort of problem while transcoding, that's all.  it _looks_ to 
me like this screenshot was examining a .wav file, which is raw pcm 
data, right?  so if the problem is in the actual decoding of the layer2 
data, wouldn't it still show up in this case also?  anyway, perhaps i 
spoke too soon comparing my whine to your whine, i was thinking out 
loud.  i definitely have the problem, and the problem is definitely in 
the conversion, and seeing as other people have been using mythtv to 
write out mpeg4 files with 32K mp3 audio, it seems like the problem has 
to be in the layer2 decoding area.  i'm still trying to figure out where 
in mythtv the layer2 stuff is decoded, so i'll keep poking away.

here's a question though.  i had thought the data coming out of the card 
was mjpeg, you indicate its mpeg2, but the source code i'm looking at 
seems to interpret it as mpeg1video.  the 'raw' data coming out of the 
pvr250 is actually what format?  or where can i look for a description 
of the various m(j)pegs?



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