[mythtv] multiple recording profiles for different capture cards

Steve Kuekes steve at kuekes.homeip.net
Sun May 18 17:54:51 EDT 2003

I noticed that there was some discussion a few weeks ago about updating 
the code to support multiple recording profiles by capture card.  I have 
a system with two different capture cards and need different recording 
profiles for each of them.  I can get each to work in myth if I define 
only 1 capture card, but when I define both, they don't like the same 

If this is in the current CVS code I'll try that, if someone will let me 
know.  I'm currently running the 0.8 release code.

Steve Kuekes

Private Pilot: N9259R '95 Saratoga based at Sanford-Lee County Regional 
email: skuekes at nc.rr.com

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