[mythtv] NuppelVideo(Recorder/Player)

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun May 18 11:10:36 EDT 2003

> i have been playing around with the transcoder because i want to keep 

> i have a few questions/problems though.
> 1) it appears that the NuppleVideoPlayer doesn't initialize the 
> NuppleVideoRecorder properely, the commDetect member is not initialized 
> (afaict) in the ReencodeFile() method.  there are two ways to fix this i 

I just added some checks in CVS to make sure commDetect is not null before
trying to use it.  This should allow you to use the transcode stuff without
initializing commDetect in the recorder.  I wouldn't think you want
to initialize the commercial detection during transcode since by
that time the commercials should have already been flagged.

> NuppleVideoRecorder::WriteVideo() to see if commDetect is NULL before 
> using it, in addition to checking if we're hardware encoding.

That's exactly what I did (before reading down this far in your email). :)  I
also added an "if (commDetect)" in the function that gets the blank frame
map which is used by tv_rec.cpp.

> 2) i noticed that the ReencodeFile() doesn't honour the edit lists. 
>  would it be acceptable if it did, as in, if worked on that as a patch, 
> would it be accepted?  perhaps with a flag passed into it, defaulting to 
> false.  in my case, i would like to flag off the parts i don't want, and 
> re-encode it into a smaller file, with the cruft removed.

This would be great and something a lot of people would appreciate
including myself.  We'd also like the ability to do a simple cut on the
file without reencoding the audio and video.  That may take a bit more
work I beleive though.  We'd like to be able to cut commercials (or
possibly other parts) out without having the quality loss associated
with reencoding. 

> 3) i also have some very strange stuff happening on the audio, the pitch 
> is way, way down, but still appears to be in sync.  almost like it was 

This one I can't answer so I'll leave it to someone else.


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