[mythtv] DirecTV PPV Listings for the MythMasses

Tarek Lubani tarek at tarek.2y.net
Sat May 17 15:34:37 EDT 2003

Hey Guys!

The way we used to dump PPV listings into the mythfill database was to
grab the listings created by a dude named JPags and run it through a
program to myth-ify it, then put it in the database..

It has now been at least two or so weeks since JPags has last updated his
listings, leaving us in quite the situation. Here are the beginnings of a
solution.. Feedback is always welcome.

1) Mythgetppv.pl is a modified version of the getppv.pl by mmmbeer made
for Tivo_Canada et al. There are instructions in the file about how to
change the SessionID to match your timezone. If you are in the atlantic
time zone (Atlantic Canada; bermuda; etc), you are out of luck
timezone-wise, since TV Guide won't serve DTV data in those time zones..

2) !!ACHTUNG!! tvgppv.pl is meant to parse the file with all the data and
put it into the myth database. IT MUST BE CONFIGURED TO WORK CORRECTLY.
Specifically, the "tuner number" has to be properly set.. In my case, DTV
is my 5th source or something. I know this because all of my channels are
5000 + channel number (5107, for example). As such, my "tuner number" is
set to "5". MOST people should set this to "1".

Known Issues:

1) There is no reliable way to get the "star rating" from TV Guide (that I
could tell). As such, the star ratings for everything are 2 stars right
now, though if I don't find a way to grab the star ratings in the next
little while, I will just let it default to blank.

2) The mythfile is not checked /wiped before the initiation of
mythgetppv.pl. This is rectified by always erasing the file before

3) The MPAA ratings are not yet being passed to the database.. Soon, though..

Files you will need:


Run sequence I use for updating my listings:

export QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt3
rm /tmp/mythfile
/usr/bin/tvgppv.pl 1
/usr/bin/tvgppv.pl 1
/usr/bin/tvgppv.pl 2
exit 0


tarek : )

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