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Tony Clark tclark at telia.com
Sat May 17 01:14:29 EDT 2003

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On Friday 16 May 2003 19.57, Ian Bishop wrote:
> > First, America is not "the rest of the civilized world" nor do you have
> > a right to ask 300 million European to change their habits. BTW, it is
> > not civilized at all to not respect other cultures, just because they
> > are different.
> Hehe, I don't want to flame, but...

Neither do I but  :)

> Having a reasonably open mind, and spending a fair bit of time in Europe I
> would have to say that Europeans tend to do some wierd things..
Being and Australian living in Europe who has also spent a fair amout of time 
in the US and Asia, I think you all get it worng and should look to Australia 
for a fine example of something different

> Not in a bad way, just weird...

Nah you guys are wierd

> North Americans being colonists are fairly used to not having old systems
> cobbled to work with new stuff.  We'll just start over.  Europeans would
> rather modify their new stuff to work with the old infrastructure.

Right, now just what cell phone system are you using today?

> I would rather live in Europe though even with the weirdness..  ;-)

I would rather get a system that suits all, which on the surface, unless I am 
really missing something, shouldn't be too hard.

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