[mythtv] [PATCH] Channel preset hack

Ian Bishop ian at ianbishop.ca
Fri May 16 11:57:10 EDT 2003

> First, America is not "the rest of the civilized world" nor do you have
> a right to ask 300 million European to change their habits. BTW, it is
> not civilized at all to not respect other cultures, just because they
> are different.

Hehe, I don't want to flame, but...

Having a reasonably open mind, and spending a fair bit of time in Europe I
would have to say that Europeans tend to do some wierd things..

Not in a bad way, just weird...

North Americans being colonists are fairly used to not having old systems
cobbled to work with new stuff.  We'll just start over.  Europeans would
rather modify their new stuff to work with the old infrastructure.

I would rather live in Europe though even with the weirdness..  ;-)


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