AW: [mythtv] [PATCH] Channel preset hack

Pferdekaemper, Thorsten thorsten.pferdekaemper at
Fri May 16 15:28:13 EDT 2003

> > Additionally, many European channels are on extended ranges 
> and their 
> > channums start eith "E" or "SE" (5 of my 6 favourite channels do), 
> > preventing the ability to enter them with the remote and so 
> leaving no 
> > way to directly skip to such a channel.
> > 
> [snip]
> How does this work on your remote controls? Do you have an 
> A-Z on there
> to enter 'SExx' for that station? I really fail to understand how it
> can be this difficult.

we have ordinary remote controls with keys like '1' to '9' and also '0' on it. When you buy a TV Set, you first program the channel list. I.e. You assign the channels (or frequencies) to numbers, like for example
Key (on RC)    Channel
	1	      E02
	2           E04
      3            34
      5          SE09
Afterwards, we only use the numbers on the keys. When using more than 9 programs, you have to press two keys etc...
It also seems to me, that the assignment of stations to channels is not fixed all over germany... But for some stations, lots of people assign the same numbers on their remote to the same key, like
Key	Station
 1     ARD  (AKA "first german TV")
 2     ZDF  (AKA "second german TV")
 3     SWR3 (a local station "South-West 3")
 7     Pro7 
(I even can remember some stations which let you win prices if you assign them to "7" or "9". (I wonder how they really know...) I believe that they try to make sure to become a "one key station" in order to be accessed more easily.)

Now, one of the main tasks if you have a TV, a VCR, Sat Receiver and perhaps a TV tuner in your PC is to make sure that all the stations are found on the same keys (numbers) for all the devices. Otherwise you'll very often record something you did not want to... When using software which was
originally designed in and for the US, there are only channel numbers. That means that they will never be in sync with the keys on our remote controls. That's why this channel numbering is such a big deal here.
I can imagine that most people even do not know, that there is something like channel numbers...




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