[mythtv] mythmusic cvs

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu May 15 22:22:54 EDT 2003

ok, yeah, it does run quite a bit faster..  but I still ran into that
"hang" bug when I selected the >> button in an attempt to skip to
another song.

also, couple of comments..

what happened to the artist/album/genre type views?  If I put my whole
music collection into this thing (about 16k songs), there's NO way I
could search through an "all my music" listing.

I'd really like to work with whoever is doing this portion, both to
improve the database setup, and to improve the UI a bit to make it more
friendly to those of us who put our entire cd collections into it.  (and
to work on the web interface).

>From a UI standpoint, I'd really suggest following the MythTV setup -
the layers-based tree works nicely, and consistency within the program
suite is a good idea.  As for the database, you probably already read my
suggestions there.


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