[mythtv] Problems with LiveTV

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu May 15 22:23:01 EDT 2003

Just upgraded to the latest CVS (5/14) from CVS of 5/4.  Watching LiveTV is 
suddenly very bad.   It's fine for the first few seconds, then it becomes 
very jerky, with audio & video skips.  However, if I set the current program 
to record, then watch it in-progress, everything is fine (both LiveTV & 
Default recording profile have the same parameters).  Also I noticed that my 
file sizes have increased dramatically, like double or more from what they 
were.  The funny thing is, neither the frontend nor the backend show any 
difference in resource usage with LiveTV vs. watching in-progress.

My recording profile:

RTJpeg 480x480, quality 192, luma/chroma 2/2, MP3 quality 7

Let me know if you want a backtrace.


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