[mythtv] DVB setup

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Fri May 16 02:10:34 EDT 2003

Leandro Dardini wrote:

>What have I to insert in "setup" "capture cards" ?
You can't use the graphical setup yet. Use a similar setup as for analog 
cards, e.g.


    * videodevice: the adapter number of your device, e.g. 0 for
    * audiodevice: empty
    * vbidevice: empty
    * cardtype: "DVB"
    * defaultinput: "Television" (just "TV" might work as well, but must
      match cardinput, I'd think)
    * audioratelimit: empty/default
    * hostname: obvious
    * dvbtype: S, C or T, see docs
    * use_ts: see docs


    * inputname: "Television" (or just "TV", see above)
    * tunechan/startchan: I don't know what the difference between those
      is, but it's the same as analog
    * externalcommand: ignored
    * preference/shareable: I don't know, if any code uses that yet,
      certainly not the DVB code


    * name: free
    * xmltvgrabber: command name of your grabber, e.g. tv_grab_de
    * userid: unused (was for the gist USA grabber, now dead)

Of course, the ids must match in a meaningful way. "See docs" refers to 
the document I wrote some time ago and to which I posted a link earlier 

As cheat-sheet, here the syntax of some SQL commands for the mysql 
console (of course, you need to adapt and extend them):

    * To invoke mysql:
      mysql -uusername -ppassword -hhostname
    * To select the database:
      use mythconverg;
    * To add a row:
      INSERT INTO capturecard (cardid, videodevice, cardtype) values (1,
      "0", "DVB");
    * To change an existing row:
      UPDATE channel SET callsign="ARD" WHERE chanid=1;
    * To view a row:
      SELECT * FROM channel WHERE chanid=1;
      SELECT callsign, channum FROM channel;

If you son't want to deal with SQL commands, I found the QT application 
"tora" to be quite nice to browse around the database, but I didn't 
manage to commit changes using that :-(. PHPMyAdmin (or similar) is a 
webinterface for roughly the same purpose.

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