[mythtv] Help! - PATCH for selective ignoring of duplicate programs

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu May 15 13:05:20 EDT 2003

Attached is a patch to allow selective ignoring of duplicate programs.  It's
*supposed* to do the following:

- Added a column "overridesuppression" to the PROGRAM table.  Setting this
to non-NULL, non-zero will allow a single instance of a program to be
recorded regardless of whether it is a duplicate.

- Added a column "ignoreduplicates" to the RECORD table.  Setting this to
non-NULL, non-zero will allow an entire show to always ignore duplicates.

The 'overridesuppression' worked fine on my setup.  However, the
'ignoreduplicates' seemed to cause a problem, as follows;

I have 3 instances of the following program in the upcoming days:

Title: "Insomniac with Dave Attel"
Subtitle: "Chicago"
Description: <same description, didn't feel like pasting it>
Chanid: 1026

Program 1:  starttime = '20030515220000' endtime = '20030515223000'
Program 2:  starttime = '20030516000000' endtime = '20030516003000'
Program 3:  starttime = '20030518220000' endtime = '20030518223000'

This show exists in my OLDRECORDED table with the same title, subtitle &

When using my patch, with 'ignoreduplicates' = 1 in the RECORD table, the
3rd instance (Program 3) is simplpy absent from the "Fix Scheduling
Conflicts" screen.  I'm sure it's some idiosyncrasy with the SQL query, but
I'm not enough of a SQL guru to figure it out.  Can someone take a look at

Also, I seem to have found a bug in the duplicate-detection (probably also
SQL related), and this was *without* my patch.  With the same 3 shows as
above, only the 1st and 3rd instance are suppressed as duplicates; the 2nd
one showed up as unsuppressed.  I'm thinking it's something to do with the
fact that it starts at midnight?  Anyone?

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