[mythtv] Problems with contrast, color, brightness

Peter Davidson pmdavid at powerup.com.au
Thu May 15 15:48:01 EDT 2003


I took the latest version of MythTV from CVS a couple of days ago, and I've
managed to get everything to work OK. But when I tried to adjust the color
by pressing l, the color went down to 0% after a single press. The same
thing happened with brightness and contrast. Now I have a completely black
screen. Pressing uppercase K,L,M doesn't seem to do anything - it still
reports 0%.

Two questions -
1. Is there a bug or something wrong with my configuration (I am new to
mythTV and haven't had a chance to get familiar with the source yet).

2. Where are the contrast,color and brightness settings stored - I looked in
the database and couldn't find it (I thought it might be in the settings
table but there was nothing obvious).

	Peter Davidson

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