[mythtv] PATCH for MythWeb to allow unsuppressing a recording

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Wed May 14 15:02:07 EDT 2003

Panix wrote:

>I originally had this function added when i made the conflict resolution
>changes to MythWeb, but chose not to include it because there was not
>similar functionality in Mythfrontend and I wanted the same options to be
>available in both interfaces.
i found this to not be a good idea.

i had been working on allowing this in the regular front end, and this 
was my first thought.  but if you do delete an entry in that table, you 
will find that you suddenly have trouble with other places, mostly 
related to if you have a recorded version of that episode that you 
haven't deleted yet;  i know that this is unlikely, but i was just 
trying to make sure everything was happy with the change.  i've been 
thinking about a better way, but haven't really finished wrapping my 
head around the whole codebase (or most of it).

the problem might be to simply remove the requirement on all joins that 
an entry in recorded requires and entry in oldrecorded also, but i'm not 
at the point of understanding where i feel i can make that statement 

a better way (perhaps) is to flag it for the scheduler as an over-ride, 
this is the path i'm thinking along right now.



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