[mythtv] Re: RE:Mythbackend crashes

Bryan Mayland bmayland at leoninedev.com
Wed May 14 13:27:54 EDT 2003

First:  Sorry about the crazy subject lines.  I get the digests and was
trying to get Mozilla to reply to the message, not the digest.  Oye.

Second:  It didn't fix it.  Still segfaulted with the same crash dump.  It
is really bizzare because even though I know the backend has several threads
running, this is what gdb reports:
(gdb) thread apply all bt full

Thread 1 (process 8558):
#0  0x4079291c in QString::QString(QString const&) () from
No symbol table info available.
#1  0x08060084 in QValueListPrivate (this=0x8376e28, _p=@0x0)
    at /usr/lib/qt3/include/qvaluelist.h:62
        b = {node = 0x0}
        e = {node = 0x409f84ae}
        i = {node = 0x40a1951c}

One thread, and looks like a trashed backtrace.  I get the same bt even if I
catch the SEGV in gdb.  I'll keep working on it and keep you posted.

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> On Tuesday 13 May 2003 12:23 pm, Bryan Mayland wrote:
> > >I've also disabled the transcode thread completely in the CVS tree as
> > > last friday.
> Hopefully it fixes it, I've got absolutely no idea what it could be =)
> Isaac

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