[mythtv] Re:mythfrontend segmentation fault when recordings complete?

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed May 14 01:22:44 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 14 May 2003 12:00 am, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 May 2003 11:54 pm, Jeff Nuckles wrote:
> > Isaac,
> >
> > I spoke too soon, the problem it still happening.
> > Twice today it seg faulted with the same error that i
> > sent before. Both times another program had finished
> > recording while the recording was playing. Im still
> > using the cvs from this morning.
> There should be more data in the backtrace then what you provided -- it
> looks like you cut off pasting a little too soon.  Would it be possible to
> get the rest of it?

Actually, I think I may have reasoned it out -- could you update to current 
CVS (_just_ checked in what I think is the fix).  Be sure to update your 
database, of course..  If you can still reproduce it with current CVS, could 
you re-do the backtrace stuff?


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