[mythtv] RE:Mythbackend crashes

Ben Brown ben at handcoder.com
Tue May 13 22:50:33 EDT 2003

Didn't fix it.  I still get random backend crashes when compiled release
and runs for hours, days with debug.  I've got it running in gdb again
maybe I'll get something useful this time.

Ben Brown

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>  I've tried to change these variables and still have the same problem.

> Mythbackend crashes, and when I recompile with debug it runs for 
> hours. Anybody have any other ideas?

I've been experimenting with the same problem.  I think I /may/ have 
found the culprit, but I'm still trying to narrow down exactly where it 
is.  Try compiling up a release version, then go into your database and:
UPDATE settings SET data = '0' WHERE value = 'MaxTranscoders';

This will effectively disable the transcoding thread.  I've been running

live tv for 2 hours now with no crash yet.  If it runs all day, I'll try

to narrow down the problem in the transcode thread loop.

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