[mythtv] RE:Mythbackend crashes

Ben Brown ben at handcoder.com
Tue May 13 11:30:03 EDT 2003

Glad to know I'm not alone on this problem.  I was beginning to doubt my
sanity;).  I'll try it this evening.

Ben (Brown)

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>  I've tried to change these variables and still have the same problem.

> Mythbackend crashes, and when I recompile with debug it runs for 
> hours. Anybody have any other ideas?

I've been experimenting with the same problem.  I think I /may/ have 
found the culprit, but I'm still trying to narrow down exactly where it 
is.  Try compiling up a release version, then go into your database and:
UPDATE settings SET data = '0' WHERE value = 'MaxTranscoders';

This will effectively disable the transcoding thread.  I've been running

live tv for 2 hours now with no crash yet.  If it runs all day, I'll try

to narrow down the problem in the transcode thread loop.

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