[mythtv] Sorting in EPG Program Finder

Ben Marchandise mythbma at yahoo.fr
Mon May 12 20:25:04 EDT 2003

Hello team,

In the EPG program finder, the programs are classified
using the first letter of the program name, except if
the  first word is "The" or "A". In this case, the
next word is used.

This is an interesting feature, but obviously it works
in English only. I have written a patch to have it
work with any language via customization.
It uses a record of the settings table for now, but
ideally it should be a part of the localization work

To use this patch, just insert an 'Articles' record
into the settings table: it is a list of possible
articles,separated by "-". Examples:

* for English (no need to do it for real, as it is the
default value):
INSERT INTO settings (value, data) VALUES ('Articles',
'A -The ');
It should work as before: A / The

* for French
INSERT INTO settings (value, data) VALUES ('Articles',
'Le -La -Les -L\'');

Moreover, this patch fixes a problem with duplicated
rows in the program finder.

Please ask me if you want more explanations. I hope it

can find its way into CVS. Feel free to modify it if
needed, of course.


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