[mythtv] crash in mythbackend

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon May 12 13:36:14 EDT 2003

> Any reason it can't just run in a separate process? From my cursory 
> reading it doesn't *want* to share any data with the main mythbackend 
> process. So, it would seem simpler to spawn a new mythbackend process 
> with a command line of "--flag-commercials <chan> <datetime>" and not 
> have to worry about sharing any state inappropriately. Just say no to 
> threads (when they aren't necessary).

To quote myself off of the irc channel:

	why work around a bug when you can fix it. :)

Isaac is already working on the fix.

I do have a stand-alone program that can be used to flag commercials,
but that wasn't meant to be distributed with myth.  I use it to test
new detection code since it allows me to re-flag my videos using the
new code.  So, either way is possible (thread vs external program),
but there's no compelling reason to make it an external program
other than the fact that you can re-run the flagging routine if the
backend crashes during recording or flagging.  If that happens then
you might not have a seektable though so skipping would be slow
anyway which is another issue being discussed.  Maybe an external
flagging program that can flag commercials but also fix the seektable
if it doesn't exist is necessary.


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