[mythtv] Mythbackend stuffs up if no video signal is present

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Fri May 9 17:06:56 EDT 2003

John Hurliman wrote:

> Would it be possible to hack the ivtv driver to make it insert blank 
> frames when no data is detected? Not the 100% ideal solution but until 
> driver status is implemented it would keep the thing from crashing. 

its gotta be a bug somewhere though.  in my case, i'm on cable.  there 
is definitely data coming in, if the ivtv driver is for some reason 
stops working until i kill mythbackend and restart it (as i think issac 
is saying it must be) then having black frames wouldn't help.  i think 
there is something funky, i'm going to keep trying to figure out what 
might be going on.  i've seen that problem in the ringbuffer too many 
times, and stopping/starting the backend always seems to fix it.



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