[mythtv] mythmkmovie frames per second.

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Thu May 8 22:27:35 EDT 2003

On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 10:56:03PM -0400, Michael J. Pedersen wrote:
> > I also usually make a mkcopy file where I take out most of your hard
> > work with optimiziing the files because the files end up *larger* than
> > my previous MPEG4 files (even after cutlist removals) and thus cannot
> > fit onto CD at all.. It seems to work pretty well with a few nags from
> > mplayer (I don't plan on using them with any other player).
> My bet on this is that it's turning the 25fps from PAL into the 29.97
> for NTSC, and thus growing the files. Fixing for PAL should fix this
> problem.

It's possible that this might be related to something I've seen in a
non-myth context...

My sis has jumped on the "burn SVCD's of your favorite shows off the
net" bandwagon... and I note that many of them have 5 real frames
followed by a duplicate frame.
I gather that most of them are US- or Canada-wildfeed captures, and I'd
*expect* that they'd be NTSC-M (525/60), but that feels like a 25/30
problem to me.  She doesn't notice the jumpiness at all; it drives me
clean up a wall.


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